Go Ahead Deck Me Inc.
Window Corner Flashings are designed to make flashing window corner openings faster, easier and better than with tar paper or adhesive flashing alone and will not rip during installation.

The three dimensional shape of the Go Ahead Deck Window Corner Flashing is formed to fit the corners of the window openings and eliminate the hole that two dimensional flashings such as tar paper or tape leave at the intersection of the window opening and the sheathing. The Window Corner Flashings are much thinner than built up layers of adhesive flashing allowing for a better window fit. Go Ahead Deck Me Window Corner Flashings are made with 100% virgin High Density Poly Ethylene (HDPE) to insure consistent top quality.

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Window Sill Waterproofing Installation Sequence (Click For Enlarged Version)

Window Sill Waterproofing Installation Sequence