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Go Ahead Flash Me Window Corner Flashings, part of the Go Ahead Deck Me innovative building product line, are designed to make flashing window corner openings faster, stronger and better.


  • One piece formed corner makes
    installation faster and easier that with tapes and sheathing membranes alone
  • Three dimensional formed shape ensures no holes at the intersection of the window opening and the sheathing
  • The Go Ahead Window Corner Flashing
    is much thinner than the built up layers of adhesive flashing tape to allow for a better window fit



  • The strong molded shape resists tearing
    during window installation
  • The unique and patented pattern of ribs
    on the Go Ahead Flash Me Window Corner Flashing help maintain a drainage channel and direct water
    ingress out to the exterior
  • The strong 100% virgin High Density Poly Ethylene (HDPE) ensures consistent high quality